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NewLine Studio SERVICES

Specializing in small to medium sized projects in wellness, commercial, residential, and sports planning, we strive to create buildings and interiors that are unique, uplifting, creative, and timeless places that people will enjoy for years to come.


and Goal Setting

Before the first line is drawn, we work closely together to develop a building program and goals for the project. The program consists of required spaces, sizes, furniture, and equipment. We then create a list of project goals that will be the North Star to guide us throughout the project.

Site Planning

Planning begins with site information collection to determine property setbacks, easements, utilities, existing topography and vegetation, and climate data to create a site layout. We then work together to determine the best orientation and location for the building.

Space Planning

For interior projects, we use the same principles as programming and goal setting. Together we discuss multiple layouts and test fits to create a plan that meets your needs and vision.

Architectural Design and Interior Architecture

Together with the established goals and program as our guide, we create a vision of the inside, outside, and materiality that seamlessly work together. This ensures that your project is both beautiful and functional. We then develop that vision into a set of preliminary documents that can be used to estimate the project cost before developing the final construction documents. Once the estimate has been reconciled, we create documents for permitting and construction.

Furniture, Equipment, and Artwork Selection

Working with suppliers, we help guide you in selections that will enhance the function and beauty of the projects.

Rendering / VR Walkthroughs

Understanding that sometimes it is hard to visualize buildings and spaces, we use the latest technology to create renderings and Virtual Reality walkthroughs. This helps the client understand and experience the project long before construction ever begins.

Contractor Selection

There are many benefits to bringing a contractor into a project earlier. They can help with cost estimating, constructability and scheduling for the project. Whether the contractor comes in early in the design process or later we help you select the contractor that will make your project successful.

Construction Observation

During construction we work closely with the contractor to ensure that the vision and quality of the project is adhered to in a timely manner.

Master Planning

Creating a long term vision for your project, we work together to establish project priorities and future phasing, ensuring smooth transitions from beginning to end.

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